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Supporting Partners

The Synthetic Biology INCT (INCT-BioSyn) is constituted as an interdisciplinary biotechnology research network aiming towards aggregating value to biodiversity and is based in the collaboration between research institutes and private companies in different regions of the country and international partners.


The INCT-BioSyn will be headquartered in Brasília, Federal District, at the EMBRAPA Biotechnology and Genetic Resources and will operate in close connection Instituto Tecnológico Vale, FIOCRUZ, Universidade de Brasília, Universidade de Campinas, UMIP GenClima and EMBRAPA research units.


The INCT-BioSyn will collaborate with the OpenPlant consortium, including several institutions operating in the synthetic biology field: University of Cambridge, John Innes Centre, Sainsbury Laboratory Norwich, Joint BioEnergy Institute, Microsoft Research Cambridge, DNA 2.0, BioBricks Foundation, The Genome Analysis Centre, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, GlaxoSmithKline, Institute for Food Research, University of East Anglia, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Woodrow Wilson Center, University of Edinburgh, OECD, NIAB Innovation Farm, Science, Art and Writing (SAW) Trust Institute.


The INCT-BioSyn will also collaborate with the following companies and national and international research institutions: J. Craig Venter Institute, Amyris S.A., Orygen Biotecnologia S.A, Vallée S.A., Braskem S.A., Beta 1-4, Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira, TecSinapse Tecnologia da Informação LTDA, Invent Biotecnologia, BioInovar, Energy Biosiences Institute/University of Berkeley, AgriBio/Centre for AgriBioscience, Plant Gene Expression Center/USDA-ARS, Genome Analysis Centre, Biotecam Biotecnologia Ambiental, TGAC, Universidade de Lleida, University of Colorado and IBMP Instituto de Biologia Molecular do Paraná.

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